Insanity is just the beginning in this visual novel.

An upcoming Lovecraftian Horror Visual Novel / PC Game.

This content may be disturbing for younger viewers.

The Story

What is Arcane City?

Arcane City is a Visual Novel  (A work of interactive multimedia fiction) that veers away from the traditional Anime Art and Music Styles that are typical to the genre, which bridges the gap between a novel, a pc game, and a comic book or manga.

It is a Horror Visual Novel based on the original Canon of HP Lovecraft - the father of modern horror....however, there is a very unique 'twist' and perspective shift on the Mythos.

Various other influences come from the horror of the 1980s, specifically by films such as 'The Thing', 'Society', 'Re-Animator', 'In The Mouth of Madness', 'Lifeforce', etc, as well as the original Twilight Zone Series.  

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Arcane City is set in Louisville, Kentucky, in the present day.

Louisville is a medium sized metropolis with a dark past in some areas...dark enough to have many, many skeletons in its closet.

Some of these skeletons are growing restless...

The People:

Chris Saffron:

Our protagonist. 

Quiet and reserved, he has wandered through life as an observer, reaching his senior year of high school in near anonymity.

Until now.

Mike Veritas

Best friend of the protagonist.
Sarcastic, aloof, and hotheaded, Mike flies in where angels fear to tread.

But is there something devious hidden behind the cynical smirk?

Cassidy Rae Solaris

The mysterious woman who is on the hunt for Chris. 

Her objective when she finds him? Unknown. 

But we bet he will become unhinged...

More People:

Lynthenea McIntosh

Spunky and sarcastic, Lynthenea is Cassidy's closest friend. 

She tends to be flirtatious, loud, and giggly, however her comical wit is rooted in something much darker...

Matt Veritas

Older cousin of Mike Veritas, Matthew is brainy and works downtown at a genetics corporation.  

His knowledge, however, seems to go beyond what it should. 

Cearawin Lyn Solaris

Chris's best female friend at school, whom he is always protecting - as she has been known to be bullied.


She shares a last name with Cassidy, oddly enough, though the connection between the two is uncertain.


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