Battle for the Light Magic
Series: Magic in the Moonlight, Book 3
ASIN: B09W7N321R
ISBN: 9781644512814

She has visions of the future… but that won’t save her from a present she cannot see.

With the dark witches defeated, Willa should be free to enjoy her happily ever after. All that is ruined, however, when a centuries-old evil secretly possesses Simon’s body, hoping to get close to her and harness her special powers for nefarious ends.

When her compromised beau whisks her away on a trip to England, it puts Willa out of the covenant’s reach—and out from under their protection.

How can she possibly fight an enemy she doesn’t even know exists, an enemy that is hidden behind her beloved’s eyes?

The only force that can aid her now is a wayward wraith, harboring secret intentions of its own. Will she heed the creature’s warning in enough time to stop the usurper’s plot?

Or is the world damned to a fate it cannot escape?

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