Cup of Fortune
Series: Relic Retrievals, Book 2
Genre: Paranormal
Tag: Cover by Francesca Michelon

Jemma and Katie are on the hunt for the Cup of Fortune - a goblet with the power to bring riches and immortality to anyone who possesses it... 

Treasure hunting BFF’s Jemma and Katie have been on the run from a lot of things before, but this is the first time a reporter has been on their tail.

So when Chadwick shows up with a nosy reporter sniffing behind him, the girls suspect his timing isn’t coincidental. They want to tell him no, but Chadwick’s superpower is his adorable puppy dog eyes. Reluctantly, they let him tag along as they journey into the rugged Appalachian mountains to seek out a shadowy society of immortal paranormals living underground. These mysterious beings might be able to help them locate the relic before the meddling reporter gets the scoop first and the goblet, too.

Time isn’t on their side as the friends battle against being exposed by the press and suspicions about Chadwick’s motives. His timing seems too perfect to be innocent, but they’re too busy trying to dodge the media to put their finger on the real reason he’s there...

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