Enforcers of the Night: Special Full-Series Edition
Series: The Enforcers, Book 5
ISBN: 9781644512180

In a world bursting with magic, some seek power by any means necessary. Vampires, shifters, mages, and other rogue paranormal beings prowl in the night, and they're more than willing to destroy anyone or anything that gets in the way. Luckily, the Supernatural Investigation Agency is ready to take them to task.

Their reasons for joining the agency vary, but four of the most elite SIA enforcers are ready to keep the bad guys at bay.

Each of these strong women must fight hard--both against the enemy and the allure of their own dark magic.

Get ready to kick some criminal butt, because you're in for a wild ride with this special boxed collection.

Burn the Night
Stalk the Night
Storm the Night
Capture the Night

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