Fallen Feud
Series: Keepers of New Haven, Book 3
ISBN: 9781644512739

She’s given up love for science - until she meets the one man who makes her brain freeze and her heart gallop.

As a gifted healer, Victory knows her happily ever after is tied to helping others achieve theirs. She never wanted more for herself until her latest assignment sends her to a remote village in the East.

There, a malevolent force has cursed their ruler, sending him into a frenzy and his people to war. But inside the fearsome monster is a kind and gentle soul who is broken by what he’s been forced to do as a dark witch’s pawn.

Could Victory’s love break through his beastly exterior and free the prince inside?

Inspired by one of time’s greatest fairy tales and history’s greatest love stories, this dark fantasy romance delivers twist after twist with an ending you simply won’t see coming.

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