Fallen Fury
Series: Keepers of New Haven, Book 2
ISBN: 9781644512722

She surrendered herself to save her sister. But Mara’s captors turned that loyalty into a lethal poison—one they will use to kill.

Following their orders means death for a notorious shifter in hiding, someone she's never even met. But if she takes one wrong step, they'll execute the person she gave up everything to protect.

What should have been an easy choice becomes impossible when she finds that her target is also her fated mate.

Mara would do anything to ensure her family’s safety, but now her heart tells her to take a chance. Can she find a way to save both her sister and the man who could be her future?

Complete with black magic, secret societies, and heart-pounding action, this dark fantasy romance delivers twist after twist with an ending you simply won’t see coming.

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