Hell’s Angel: Special Full Series Edition
Series: Hell's Angel, Book 4
ISBN: 9781644512173

Hi, I'm Lucy, A.K.A. Lucifer, and I'm the CEO of Hell. It's my job to mete out justice in the afterlife. It's a pretty easy gig until some idiot humans open an interdimensional portal on Earth. Somehow, I have to stop the terrible monster running amok as it feasts on the souls of humans.

And that's only the first of many times I become humanity's last hope.

Whatever doesn't kill me better start running, because next time? I might just need to unleash the apocalypse to save the world.

You know, it's all in a day's work when you're the devil.

If you love fresh takes on angels and demons, and Heaven and Hell, then you do not want to miss your chance to binge read this series in one special boxed collection.

The Devil May Care
The Devil's Advocate
The Devil You Know

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