Magic in the Moonlight Special Full Series Edition
Series: Magic in the Moonlight
ASIN: B09ZK882J1
ISBN: 9781644512869

She sees the future. He can heal with a touch. But are their powers enough to defeat an ancient evil in their midst?

When Willa and Simon first meet, it changes everything. Their fated bond creates a new magical power—a coven—and enrages the forces of darkness. Together, they must learn the rules of this strange new society they’ve discovered, but soon their very lives—and the fate of the world—hang in the balance. (series blurb ends here)

Natural disasters, mysterious disappearances, and horrifying possessions threaten to destroy them, but Willa and Simon won’t give up without a fight.

If you love action-packed, magical adventures with fated mates fighting for their happily ever after, then you do not want to miss your chance to binge read this series in one special collection.

Rise of the Moonlight Witches
Betrayal Under the Black Moon
Battle for the Light Magic

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