Of Snow and Roses
Series: Magically Ever After, Book 1
Tag: New
ASIN: B09G96D3G7

Handcuffs chaining her to a sterile hospital bed.
Weird occurrences that no one can explain.
No memories of who she is or what came before.

They say she’s been a patient at the Blackbriar Institute since childhood, that she’s sick, alone, and nobody’s coming for her.

But someone’s already here—a mysterious man in her therapy group with unfathomable pain in his dark eyes—and she can’t deny her draw to him, no matter how much he tries to keep her away.

He doesn’t speak, but he seems to know something the others do not. Is she really sick, or might it be magic? What other dark secrets hide behind Blackbriar’s gates, and will she ever find a way to break free?

Equal parts puzzle and page-turner, Of Snow and Roses is a modern take on the classic fairy tale Snow White & Rose Red. We promise you’ve never read anything quite like it before.

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