Of Snow and Roses
Series: Magically Ever After, Book 1
Tag: New

Is she a powerful witch... or is it all in her head?

When Neve awakens in a hospital room, cuffed to the bed, the only thing she knows is her name. Her doctor says she’s been a patient at the Blackbriar Institute for most of her life, that she’s been battling mental illness since she was a small child... that bouts of amnesia are common with her condition.

But something doesn’t add up.

And weird things keep happening. Sparks erupt from her fingertips and wishes inexplicably come true. Neve has visions of a woman claiming to be her sister, warning that she’s in danger.

Is it all a delusion?

Then there’s Torbin, the mysterious man in her therapy group with fathomless pain in his dark eyes. At first he seems to hate her, but Neve feels drawn to him in ways she can't explain.

Together, Neve and Torbin must uncover the secrets of the Institute and fight their way to freedom. Along the way, Neve will discover power beyond her imagination... and a love she never thought possible.

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