Of Songs and Seashells
Series: Magically Ever After, Book 2
Tag: New

Three hundred years on earth . . .  is it a gift or a curse?

When Lily moves into a quaint seaside cottage, all she wants is to be left alone to live out her near-endless days in peace. After a hundred years trying to earn an afterlife by doing good deeds, she’s disillusioned with humanity, and is about ready to give up and disappear into the ether when her time comes.

Then, a young boy nearly falls to his death in her back yard, throwing a wrench into Lily’s best-laid plans.

What’s worse, he drags his handsome uncle into Lily’s life, and she quickly realizes there’s more to Uncle Bash than meets the eye. He sees way too much and puts all Lily’s secrets in danger of being discovered.

They don’t like each other. They definitely don’t trust each other. But when a centuries-old curse threatens the town, Bash and Lily must work together to defeat it, even if it puts both their lives--and Lily’s immortal soul--at risk.

Of Songs and Seashells is a magical adventure inspired by the fairy tale, The Little Mermaid. If you like contemporary fantasy with plenty of twists, turns, and a splash of romance, you’ll love this modern twist on a classic.

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