Rise of the Moonlight Witches
Series: Magic in the Moonlight, Book 1
ISBN: 9781644512791

She sees visions of the future and ghosts from the past.

He can feel others' emotions and heal them with just a touch.

When their worlds collide one night at a lonely diner, everything changes. Not just for them, but for the entire world.

Willa and Simon’s fated bond creates a new magical power—a coven—and enrages the forces of darkness who see the two novices as a threat. But it’s hard for the pair to know who they can trust when they still don’t understand the rules of this strange new society they’ve stumbled upon.

The blood moon is coming, and with it, the chance to forge a connection that can alter everything that comes after. Can Willa and Simon trust their instincts—and their hearts—to choose the right path?

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