Roots of Magic
Series: Roots of Magic, Book 1
Genre: Paranormal
Tag: Cover by Mallory Rock

I remember reading old stories about portals to magical far-off worlds, and the brave adventurers who traveled through them. But those were just kids’ stories… Until it happened to me.

One morning I woke up in a field all alone with no idea where I was or how I’d gotten there. Fell through a portal, they told me. Someone wants you dead, they warned. None of it made any sense.

A kindly innkeeper discovered me and made it her job to get me back home, but those plans were quickly derailed when an out-of-town guest at her inn was murdered under magical circumstances.

The clock is ticking, both to expose the killer and to send me back home to Vilea… Otherwise, I might be stuck in this strange place called “Georgia” forever.

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