Storm the Night
Series: The Enforcers, Book 3
Publisher: Arcane City
Publication Year: 2021
ASIN: B096H9F6K5

By day, I'm an ordinary girl. At night, though, I moonlight as a vampire hunter, a vigilante hell-bent ridding my Texas hometown of the fanged menace once and for all. Until I learn that there are far worse things that go bump in the night.

Unfortunately, a new supernatural evil has come to town, and it doesn’t just want people’s blood. It aims to devour them body and soul, and then to wear the skins and take possession of the lives they snuffed out in the process.

Dark stuff.

I never thought I’d find myself working beside my life-long enemy, but when there are no good choices, you take the lesser of the two evils and pray he doesn’t stab you when your back is turned…

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