Sword of Fate
Series: Relic Retrievals, Book 3

After narrowly escaping her last mission, Jemma Maynard is more than ready to lay down her mantel as celebrated treasure hunter.

Unfortunately, some artifacts simply refuse to be forgotten… or ignored. This time her fate becomes entwined with that of a magical sword currently being wielded by a cruel cannibalistic, mermaid queen—the most terrifying monster she’s faced yet.

Worse still? A key member of her relic retrieval team can’t swim, which makes navigating the underwater kingdom that much more perilous. But when the fight comes straight to Jemma’s door, she’ll need to accept the help of a landbound merman who was exiled long ago and isn’t keen to return.

Just when she thinks she’s starting to figure things out, Jemma and her team get sucked into an angry whirlpool of distortion and deceit. This final adventure will turn the hunters into the hunted. And not everyone makes it out alive…

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