The Devil May Care
Series: Hell's Angel, Book 1
ISBN: 9781644512128

Think your job’s bad? Mine’s Hell. Literally.

Hi, I’m Lucy AKA Lucifer, and I’m the CEO of Hell. It’s my job to mete out justice in the afterlife, to serve as warden for sinful souls until their sentences are served so they can cross through those pearly gates in the sky and I never have to see their sorry faces again.

Most of the time, it’s actually a pretty easy gig.

But some idiot humans—playing with a Ouija board of all things—just opened an interdimensional portal on earth, and somehow it falls to me to stop the terrible monster now running amok as it feasts on the souls of humans.

So now I’m on earth, trying my best to blend in while also attempting to catch this thing before it destroys humanity for good. And the more time I spend with one human in particular, the more I kind of don’t want to go back to my old 9-to-5…

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