The Devil’s Advocate
Series: Hell's Angel, Book 2
ISBN: 9781644512104

The world needs a hero. Might as well be me.

Seeing as I’m the devil, you’d think that I’d be ecstatic to find out that Heaven is dying.

Well, I’m not... Because with those pearly gates closed, all new souls either end up in my domain or completely lost with nowhere to go.

God is missing, and so is my boyfriend.

To save both, I’ll need to unleash the apocalypse. Of course, my nosy, good-for-nothing Archangel brothers won’t make that easy.

Yeah, I’m just your average, everyday fallen angel, but I’m also the world’s last hope. Can I find God, rebuild Heaven, and save the earth from certain destruction, all while keeping the flame alive with my fire demon boyfriend? Let’s find out, shall we?

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