Wolf’s Destiny
Genre: Paranormal
ASIN: B0992KL5V4

When I meet my fated mate, it's kill or be killed... They say it’s time for me to fulfill my destiny, to take my rightful place as alpha. But I never knew of the Thorncreek pack’s existence—or my ties to them—until the day they came to claim me.

I agree to journey with them to their territory in the Alaskan wilds, but refuse to trust them. That goes double for the handsome male who’s been leading in my absence.

My body wants him, but my head knows he’ll stop at nothing to keep his position of power. Soon the stirrings in my heart suggest he’s my fated mate, but even that can’t stop what’s coming.

One of us will die, and the other will rule.
I refuse to end up on either side of that bargain.
Can I somehow find a way to both claim my destiny and to change it?

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